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Living alone and publish the cost of living and saving surgery. Room looking and moving tips also introduced.
Currently, in the habitat on the third floor of a three-story apartment. It is the studio. It is narrow.

And in the habitat on the third floor of the apartment
diary diary Living alone diary 11/24
is often to write your impressions of living expenses recently. I have also written such as in that of saving methods and eating habits of utility costs to the. Each diary I have to move at a later date in each category. It is not in the diary.
Household account book published Household account book published Household account book publishing living alone 11/03
and in public the monthly living expenses. Utilities and board in addition to the overall cost of living also I am writing finely. Rather than a guide, please look at the feeling of whether there is also such a person.
Easy cooking memo Easy cooking memo Easy cooking memo living alone
may be better, such as shoddy cuisine rather than a simple cuisine. It is quite rough. Also introduce cooking tool you're using. Why does it is almost self-catering is not good cuisine?
Saving surgery Saving surgery Saving surgery of living alone
I am writing a saving method of utility bills and food mainly. Recent electric bill is good condition. Yourself am I doing enjoying savings, but little is often drawn and talk to people around.
Experiences Experiences Living alone experiences
is actually had experience stories. There is nothing particularly unusual. Reflection point is also only a little. Please read a big heart because some of them wrote a little strange tension.
Cleaning, storage and seasonal measures Cleaning, storage and seasonal measures Such as cleaning, storage and seasonal measures
such as cleaning method of cold measures and washing machine. Just a little bit about housing and crime prevention. I want to think of the heat measures but not considered to be so hot.
Knack of looking for room Knack of looking for room Knack of looking living alone room
wrote remembering when it was looking for room in the real estate shop. I am indebted to the real estate agent's two places up to now. I live it is also often do not know do not look at, but it's better to have examined firm.
Moving Tips Moving Tips Living alone moving tips
until now there are three moving experience. Since only just moved to the far neighborhood is not to write too much. Moving will excited by big event of living alone, but tired.
How to enjoy time alone How to enjoy time alone How to enjoy time alone
theme is "enjoy the time alone," but we also wrote that there is no relationship at all. It's difficult to spend fun all the time and that's one person every day.
Additional income Additional income Supplementary income living alone
I am writing that Vice income from affiliate. We are doing more quietly for four years.
Living alone Links Living alone Links Live Alone links
help for those living alone and you are living alone is a collection of links to the home page. Recommended for people who are starting already people and you begin now living alone.
Living alone Shopping shopping Living alone shopping
I'm writing about things of consumer electronics in the main. It is not a completely shopping. It does not increase the page because it does not much shopping recently.
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super easy profile. E-mail thank you from here. Also it has been moved to here diary about the site.
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